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Chakredy® Energy Practitioner

Wild, Wild Swing

Curious what a dialogue between you and your energy centers sounds like?  More importantly, what it feels like?  We can discover that, together!  and BONUS, we can do that with some of my very favorite, most sacred tools; crystal pendulums!  These beauties are specially designed to work with the Chakredy® energy system that was brought forth through my dear friend Alexis Saloutos and you guys, they are fucking magical!

The Chakredy® system works with our chakra and organ energy centers and helps to reveal the support that is needed within imbalanced energies.  These imbalances or interferences can reside within our physical, mental, emotional or spiritual bodies... or beyond.  It will be a journey, a beautifully enchanting journey and when we trust, surrender and nourish patience for ourselves and the journey we can begin to hear the healing messages coming from within.  Getting to know the sound of your unique inner voice is deeply rewarding and empowering as fuck!

Wild Spirit: Services

Shamanic Reiki

A wild connect
"Faith is defined in part as a belief and complete trust in something which there is no proof."

Reiki is "universal life force energy"; this is the source energy that surrounds and flows through all living things.  As a practitioner, or a conduit, my work is to intentionally connect with this source energy so that its healing benefits may be received by another.  Through this hands-on, palm healing technique, we intentionally invite the energy to move to where it knows it is needed most and will serve to the receiver's highest benefit.  When this universal power is accessed it can help balance physical systems, flush toxins, calm the mind and open the heart.

The roots of Shamanism are buried thousands of years in our past.  Shamans call upon the wisdom of our Mother Earth and invoke the forces of nature such as stones, plants, air, feathers, fire, smoke, water and animals; welcoming their guidance and healing.  This woven together with the practice of Reiki creates a deeply nourishing experience that ripples throughout our lives.

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