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dōTERRA Advocate

Two years ago, my world and heart were burst wide open after being introduced to doTERRA essential oils.  I had been using herbal remedies throughout my life but was forever changed after I tilted that first bottle of doTERRA peppermint oil.  Experiencing its power and purity, was love at first drop. I immediately joined the movement, rid our home of any synthetic products and began deepening my all-natural lifestyle. Not only did I want to enhance the quality of life and health in my body and home but I aspired to share and help others experience this same empowerment. Now a dōTERRA Wellness Advocate and aromatherapist student at the Aromahead Institute, I am honored to educate and offer support to those seeking holistic alternatives.

Contact me if you would like a complimentary 30 minute consultation to discuss dōTERRA and how their oils and products can be integrated into your daily life, home and well being.  Oils are available for purchase through my website listed below or you can become a member of dōTERRA's monthly wellness program and receive wholesale prices for a year, along with personal support and guidance from me and our experienced dōTERRA team.  dōTERRA is an extraordinary company doing important work for the health and betterment of our planet and its people.  This site is a glimpse into the heart of it all.

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