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Wildly Wonderful Women

To the women and friends who have helped shaped the course of my adventure...

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Alexis Saloutos

"The mystery is where the magic lives"  - Lex

My dear friend and mentor, Alexis, is the founder and conduit for the powerful and magical energy system that is Chakredy®.  The moment I connected with Alexis I knew my path would be transforming.  I never imagined the depth of healing that could flow through me until I began exploring and discovering the power of energy work.  If you are looking for meaningful inner shifts, the releasing of burdensome blocks and or developing an empowering language for your energetic story... I proudly recommend her healing gifts and guidance with great adoration and my deepest love and respect.

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Danielle Kurtz

"Your self care is your gift to the planet" - D

Danielle and I found each other through dōTERRA's gifts of the Earth.  She was offering a class where I was introduced to the power and purity of dōTERRA essential oils.  One drop of dōTERRA's peppermint oil along with the privilege of experiencing Danielle's radiant spirit and I was changed forever and inspired to create a new path for myself.  Danielle is a remarkable yoga teacher, essential oil educator and soul supporter.  She has been an integral mentor, advocate and dear friend to me, especially as Wild Essence has taken form.  Danielle's deep integrity and beautiful spirit lifts all who meet her.  With great love I highly recommend following her journey and treating yourself to her powerfully healing realm.

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