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About Wild Essence


Together, we can transform the World.

Together, we can learn how to connect to the magick of our beloved Mother Earth, the mysteries of the Universe and the unique beauty within ourselves and each other.  I deeply believe that when we discover the power that resides within our own energetic healing and with the support of the plant kingdom; all Earthlings can come home to themselves, align with their most vital life force and be an essential part of our Global Awakening.  It all begins by turning inward and unleashing your most empowered, radiant, wild self.  

Join me on this barefoot journey back to our Wild Essence.

Blessed be xo

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About Barbie Rae

Enchantingly bewitched, answering the call back to my wild...

This call began to stir amid my Saturn return; a deeply challenging chapter of my life that felt like I was being buried beneath the rubble of my undoing.  I was fragile and adrift, fearful this would be my destruction.  I realize now that all along, I was being planted and that while this was a death of the old, it was also the birth of a new and the beginning of a powerful healing journey and transformation.

In my late twenties I had finally begun to recognize a severe imbalance and unpredictability in my emotional health.  My emotions felt like they had morphed into a fierce wolf, wild and loose from my control.  After years of cowering to uncomfortably dark confusion and fear of this beast within, I realized that this wolf was mine for life and that I needed to step into my power and begin encouraging it to heal.  Gently approaching the beast, I found that all along it had been guiding me towards everything and everyone that I needed to begin healing myself.

Inspired and determined to become reacquainted with my soul’s true essence I began discovering a profound grounding through self-love, compassion and a dedication to my gut health, which I learned the hard way was significantly connected with my emotional imbalance.  I began immersing myself in classes, courses, apprenticeships, programs, retreats, certifications and reconnecting to my yoga practice.  Anything that ignited my soul's curiosity I honored and followed.  Suddenly, I was creating my own school of mystery.  In the midst of this exploration and return home to myself, Wild Essence began to take form.

Piecing myself back together, guided by my curious nature; my craving to explore unconventional approaches to healing led me to form what I refer to as my kaleidoscope lens.  Exploring the shadow aspects of myself down diverse paths and through my growing prismatic lens, I unearthed an enchanting array of holistic tools. The most significant healing and transformation for me has been experienced through my deepened connection and understanding of plants and energy.  These modalities have unleashed an ancient dialogue within myself that I am eager to expand, share and integrate into Wild Essence and beyond.

My intention with Wild Essence is to create a safe, sacred space for others to explore their shadow realms and feel empowered to discover their own unique lens. Working closely with nature, plants, oils, energy, ancient traditions, Pagan philosophy and the beast within us all; I offer gentle guidance towards calm clarity and grounded empowerment, with the practices that have been most meaningful to me.

In a crab shell; I'm not a stranger to the dark.  My astrological star map says I am a Cancer and it's pretty spot on.  I am a nature loving homebody.  I can be found playing with crystals and pendulums, talking to the animals, plants, and trees and taking deep breaths in the rain.  I love storms, cooking, long baths, the Fall and all things Witchy.  I walk around barefoot in cozies sipping on tea or coffee, scotch or wine.  I follow the Kind Diet, howl at the moon, see magick everywhere and say fuck, a fucking lot.  I look forward to working and growing with others who are seeking to honor themselves and their own unique magick.

Enchanted to meet you!  

Home: About

Wild Essence

Your wild is alive and ready to thrive...


Wild Spirit

Energy Work

The greatest healing I have personally experienced has come though developing and deepening my relationship with my own energy and intuition.  This sacred bond and trust cultivated within has guided me to my greatest teachings, mentors, supporters, allies and tribe.  I have been humbled and honored to have found a calling and a passion for helping others; offering gentle guidance towards clarity and empowerment with the practices that have been most significant to me.

Wild Essentials

dōTERRA Advocate
Plant Enthusiast

My energy work has naturally bridged into my lifelong fascination and deep love of plants and trees and their diverse energetic qualities.  Fully dedicating my health and well being to the plant kingdom has been one of the most rewarding paths of my existence; one that I am inspired and honored to share.


Wild Witch

Earth Worship

As a little girl I was always running around the woods making homes in the trees, talking to the animals and the stars; pretending that if I mixed a bit of earth with some sprigs of this and some leaves of that and stirred it with a stick then that would make me a real witch.  Then I grew up and realized that this little girl wasn't pretending at all.  After years of practice, play and a year and a day long Wiccan apprenticeship, I have unleashed what the little one knew was there all along... the druid within.

Wild Tarot

Surrender and Trust...

One of the most enchanting ways to practice trust and surrender is through the ancient art of tarot.  I was especially drawn to my Wildwood Tarot deck because of our shared Celtic roots and pagan practices.  The Wildwood Tarot is based on the seasonal rhythms and festivals of the ancient year, using mystical archetypes in nature and illustrating pre-Celtic mythology and shamanic mysteries.  It is a bond that I cherish and is supported by a diverse family of Tarot, Animal and Moon Oracle decks that I enjoy bringing to the table.


Wild Crafts

Imagination decides Everything...

This creative path has been a gentle unfolding.  I have discovered that my creative nature flows through poetry, watercolor, calligraphy, photography and nature grids.  Finding a medium and expression that would reflect our time and work together would be an honor.  I envision this being a piece that acts as a mantra.  Helping to anchor you, support you and remind you of your wild essence.

Wild Enchantments

Making your home and any space sacred

As a Cancer and hard core homebody, I am passionate about my home or any space that supports our health.  The look but most importantly the feel of our sacred space has a powerful influence on our physical, mental and emotional well being.  My offer is to help rid stuck, stagnant, non beneficial energy, rearrange furniture, art and trinkets and help create a space that is open, sparkles and welcomes uplifting, nourishing energy home.

Home: Services

Wild Women

Wild Essence was brought forth with the guidance, support and encouragement of a seriously magical tribe.  These remarkable humans are my dear friends and mentors who inspire me daily and continue to lift me and others every step the journey.
They are truly transforming the world.

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